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    Prepare Ahead for Seasonal Allergies and Enjoy the Spring

    It might seem that spring is a long way away; we have so much to do before then. However, it will come before we know it. Many of us suffer from seasonal allergies that occur during the springtime. There are steps that we can take in order to prepare and prevent the intensity of our symptoms when the season of the sneezes arrives. Here are our top tips:


    1. Talk to Your Doctor
    If you already know that you have seasonal allergies, such as the variety of types of hay fever, it can be a good idea to see your doctor months in advance.
    Why? In the past, have you waited until it’s too late and the symptoms begin? If so, you know what it is like to be in a battle against time to avoid your symptoms from worsening or having a greater impact on your life. Additionally, some medications such as nasal corticosteroids, take a couple weeks to reach maximum effectiveness. By discussing your symptoms from last year before the season occurs, you can be prepared, not only with the right medications, but also with a plan to prevent pollen from entering your home.


    2. Be Aware of Your Personal Allergens
    Although on the whole, hay fever is caused by an allergy to pollen, which is in abundance at certain times of the year, many sufferers are allergic to a variety of types of pollen. During the spring period, it is possible to have allergic reactions to grass pollen, weeds, tree pollen or fungal spores. Most commonly, hay fever sufferers are allergic to grass pollen.
    By reflecting on when you had your symptoms last year, you can discuss this with your doctor, so that they can help determine the best treatment or medication based on your particular allergen triggers. Alternatively, if you are seeking an over the counter treatment, an accurate description of symptoms and their timing will assist your pharmacist in making the best OTC treatment recommendation.


    3. Know When to Expect Allergy Symptoms
    As we have said, it is possible to predict when the symptoms are likely to occur. It is helpful to know your personal, specific allergens to best allow your doctor to help you predict when the type of pollen will be at its highest. Although, it is as impossible to accurately predict a definite date of when your symptoms will occur.
    However, by having a rough idea, you can be prepared. After all, knowledge is power. Your doctor may suggest that you start taking your antihistamines earlier to allow them to build up your system.


    4. Modify Your Life Choices
    We don’t recommend staying inside until the end of spring. It’s a beautiful season, and it would be a shame to miss out on the weather. Be aware if you have any important events, such as exams, or special occasions such as weddings that are often outside. By knowing when your symptoms can occur, it is sometimes possible to be a little strategic in when you plan those events, to avoid your allergy completely taking over your spring.

    If you have talked to your doctor about how to best prepare, or if this is difficult to do, why not come in and talk to us at Family Pharmacy? We’re always happy to help you in any way we can, and provide you with expert advice.

    11 months ago by Lynn Morris
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    Healthy Futures Vitamin Club

    As a long time pharmacist, I have seen firsthand the importance of access to medical care and medications in achieving optimal health. Physicians and pharmacists rely upon prescription and over-the-counter medications to help people achieve and maintain good health, allowing for the treatment, cure or prevention of a wide variety of ailments.

    When I decided, as a young boy, to pursue a career in pharmacy, my motivation, not unlike many who choose a career in health care, was my desire to help people. At Family Pharmacy our pharmacists not only dispense the medications prescribed by physicians but also provide education to our patients on managing their disease, selecting over-the-counter medications and supplements as well as tips and advice on ways our patients can improve their health.

    Proper nutrition, alongside medications when needed, is the cornerstone of good health, especially for children. Children who get the vitamins and nutrients their developing bodies demand have the opportunity to develop a robust immune response that makes them less prone to illness. Additionally, childhood is the ideal time to develop good health habits that hopefully become lifelong habits.

    Good nutrition starts with a healthy diet but as a pharmacist, I also believe in the importance of a multivitamin supplement. Very few people, particularly children, practice a healthy, balanced diet 100% of the time. Although multivitamin supplementation is not a substitute for a well balanced diet, I view consistent multivitamin supplementation as safeguard against nutritional gaps.

    Family Pharmacy, as a local, family owned and community oriented business, strives not only to serve our customers but also to give back to the communities that we call home. As a pharmacist and owner of Family Pharmacy, I saw access to children’s multivitamins as an unmet need, leading to the development and launch of the Healthy Futures Vitamin Club.

    The Healthy Futures Vitamin Club is available at any of our Family Pharmacy locations and gives enrolled children a FREE 30 count bottle of gummy vitamins each month. The free program is open to all school-age children. To enroll, parents simply visit their closest Family Pharmacy and sign up. Each month, parents may come in and pick up a free 30-count bottle of children’s multivitamins.

    One Healthy Futures entry per child, enrolees can receive one 30-count bottle of children’s multivitamins per month. Family Pharmacy reserves the right to discontinue the program at any time. Ask your pharmacist for details.

    12 months ago by Lynn Morris
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