3 Easy Tips to Avoid Sickness

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Avoid Sickness


Let’s face it—even the healthiest person in the world gets sick every now and then. So the question is, how do I avoid sickness and when I do get sick how do I fight it off quickly?

The guidelines for staying healthy are simple and easy, thankfully. Be consistent with these microbe-fighting habits and you’ll stay on your feet as often as possible this winter.


  1. Get a flu shot.

This is one of the easiest one-time things you can do to dramatically lower your chances of ending up on your back this winter. Unless you’re allergic or have certain health conditions, there is no reason for you not to get a flu shot. It will keep you from getting a devastating flu, and keeps your family protected too.

Flu shots are cheap, quick and easily accessible.  We offer them at every Family Pharmacy location.


  1. Keep your hands and your environment clean.

It’s been drilled into your head since grade school: winter is the time of washing your hands before and after you do pretty much anything. The more you wash your hands and body in general, the less chance that microbes have to get inside where they can infect you.

It’s also important to keep your house, clothes and work environment as clean as possible. Make sure to stock up on disinfecting wipes and dusters so you can stop any germs from making a home near you. This goes double if you share a space with someone who is currently sick.


  1. Eat a healthy diet.

Right now in your body, your white blood cells are waging a constant war against invading microbes. The majority of these intruders are destroyed before you ever even notice they’re there. Your body’s microbe fighting power depends on the kinds of fuel you feed it with.

Foods rich with vitamin C and other key vitamins and minerals keep your white blood cells armed and ready to fight. Make sure to eat several servings of vegetables and fruits everyday. The old adage is true: an apple a day keeps the doctor (and the flu) away.


The key to these three tips is to do them consistently. All a germ needs is a little window of weakness to sneak in and start making a ruckus. Come pay a visit to your local Family  Pharmacy for the supplies you need to avoid getting sick.

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