3 Ways to Feel Better Today

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There are dozens of ways to improve your health and mood over a long period of time. A balanced diet, long-term exercise and plenty of good sleep are the simplest and most proven of these.

But none of those solutions will help you feel better today. When things aren’t going quite right and you need a pick-me-up these three ideas are proven solutions for improving your mood and making your day better with only a little bit of effort.


  1. Take a walk.


According to an analysis of many walking studies, “walking reduced the risk of cardiovascular events by 31%, and it cut the risk of dying during the study period by 32%.” So lifelong walkers are on average healthier and live longer.

But getting out for a walk also clears your head. It allows you to take in your surroundings, or take a break from a stressful work or home environment. Walking also gives your body a boost of endorphins, the chemical produced during exercise which helps improve your mood and fight off the chemicals produced by stress.


  1. Meditate.


A Yale study has shown that meditation reduces activity in the part of the brain responsible for daydreaming, or “zoning out”. It might sound silly that 20 minutes of doing nothing but quietly thinking can help you daydream less, but that’s what the science says.

Meditating today could help you reprocess your worries and stresses into a more manageable size. Instead of running around trying to do everything once, it can be helpful to simply sit and meditate so you can see your life from a healthier perspective.


  1. Write down your feelings.


A study has shown that writing about negative thoughts and events can help to free yourself from those negative thoughts in your daily life. You can think of a journal or diary as a trash can where you can throw out the intrusive thoughts that stress you out.

Daily journaling, even for as little as twenty minutes, can improve your mood. It helps to slow down your day, letting you refocus yourself on the important things and move past the little things that are only holding you down. Plus, you will be creating a document which you can look back on in the future to help you remember your past.


The key to all three of these activities is to slow down, even for only twenty minutes, and take the time your mind needs to calm down and improve your mood. Try one of them today and see how you can reduce stress and make your life just a little more enjoyable.


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