5 Keys to Staying Hydrated

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5 Keys to Staying Hydrated

The average high temperature in Springfield in July is 89 degrees1. Already in June, we’ve been hitting temperatures in the 90s, and it shows no signs of cooling off any time soon.

It’s more important than ever to stay hydrated and safe when the sun is at its highest. We’ve put together some tips to keep you and your children safe this summer.


1 Keep water with you wherever you go, and drink it often.

You might think this one goes without saying, but most people don’t realize how much water they need to be drinking daily to avoid dehydration: 15 cups for adult males and 11 cups for adult females. You should drink more or less as you feel is best, but definitely not all at once.


2 Avoid dehydrating liquids such as coffee, soda and alcohol.

Water is always the preferred liquid for dehydration, without exceptions. While coffee, soda and alcohol are all water-based drinks, they contain caffeine, sugars and alcohol, all of which make it harder for your body to stay hydrated.

The rule of thumb is: your body prefers water over any other liquid, no matter what kind of buzz you get from other drinks.


3 Stay as cool as possible.

That doesn’t mean you should spend all day in an ice bath—but staying cool will help you sweat less. Your body tries to cool itself by producing sweat. When that sweat evaporates off your skin, the reaction lowers your body temperature.

If you stay relatively cool to begin with, your body will produce less sweat, and those liquids will stay inside your body so you can avoid dehydration.


4 Eat hydrating foods like fruits and vegetables.

The water from the tap is the same water that you find in an apple or a carrot; your body can’t tell the difference. So if constantly making trips to the sink to fill your glass doesn’t excite you, make sure you’re eating foods with high percentages of water compared to their calorie content.


5 Replace fluids you lose to physical activity.

Everyone is going to sweat in a high heat environment, but if you’re in high heat for an active reason like running a marathon, or you don’t have much time to rest, you need to get ahead of your dehydration.

Try to pre-hydrate before you get out in the heat, then drink water whenever you can to replace fluids lost in sweat. You can beat dehydration before it ever strikes you.


If you follow these five tips, you will stay safe and hydrated even on the hottest days.

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