5 Non-Cliché Father’s Day Gifts

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non-cliche father's day gifts


5 Non-Cliché Father’s Day Gifts


The family gathers round to watch Dad unwrap his presents. He tries to smile as he pulls out bits of stitched fabric one by one. A red tie! A blue tie! A pink and purple paisley tie!

It’s the old yearly ritual. Straight to the back of the closet they go.

You can be the clever son or daughter who breaks the mold. Take your inspiration from these non-cliché Father’s Day gifts this year.


1 – Bacon Roses

You got your mom roses for her special day, but eventually they died and went to the trash. With bacon roses, you can show your dad affection with a gift that he can both eat and appreciate. Beware, this project is not for the faint of heart.


2 – Breakfast in Bed

Who decided that breakfast in bed was something only a mom could enjoy? Your dad likes to be pampered too, even if he won’t admit it.

No dad can resist the smell of pancakes and eggs, especially if he doesn’t need to get out of bed to eat! Just put golf on the TV and watch your melt into Father’s Day paradise.


3 – Lawn Service for a Month

Yes, he’ll protest—“I don’t need someone else to mow my lawn, I’m a real man!”—but if you insist, he’ll be grateful. One month out of the summer heat means he can spend more time with you, or finally fix that loose doorknob.


4 – A Poster of his Favorite Movie

Dad may not like to decorate much, but you know that movie he’s obsessed with? Get him a poster of it, and he’ll have something to put on the wall that makes him happy.

Bonus points for a poster that adds your Dad’s own decorative flair to the rest of the home. Those throw pillows would really pop with Bruce Willis’ face above them.


5 – Superhero Barbecue Sauce Set

When you’re a young kid watching your dad grill, it’s like he has superpowers. Hamburger patties go on the grill, and when they come back out, it has that special, homecooked taste that a restaurant can never mimic.

These superhero barbecue sauces turn your Dad into a wizard and superhero all in one. One dab here for a robber-stopping steak; one dollop there for bad guy-bashing grilled corn.


This Father’s Day, you’ll get that wink out of the corner of his eye that lets you know you’re his favorite. For more inspiration and gifts, you can stop by your local Family Pharmacy.

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