5 Ways to Soothe Your Newborn

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how to soothe your newborn

5 Ways to Soothe Your Newborn


Human infants are one of the most vulnerable species in the animal kingdom at their age. They need a parent like you to take care not only of their physical needs, but also their emotional needs. The world is a new, surprising place that they discover every day.

When they get overwhelmed, they need to be comforted in a specific language that can be hard to understand. Here’s a quick list to try when your little one is feeling fussy.


1. Swaddling

Babies enjoy the light pressure that is placed on their bodies when they’re swaddled correctly. If you’re not sure how to swaddle, here’s a helpful guide. A swaddled baby feels safe enough to calm down and hopefully fall asleep.


2. Rocking and Movement

There’s actually a scientific reason why your baby likes to be rocked and bounced. In response to movement, your baby’s brain tells them to relax their limbs to make it easier for a mother or father to carry them.

The key is movement, not just holding them while standing still. You can use an automatic swing or rocker, but make sure you still keep your eye on them.


3. White Noise or Heartbeat Sounds

A white noise or heartbeat generator will simulate the sounds of being in the womb. In other words, your baby will feel comforted just through the associations of the sounds. The constant noise will also mask any unexpected sounds that might startle them, so they find it easier to fall asleep.


4. Nursing

Babies get “hangry” too, and they can only tell you that in their one language: crying. Even if you’ve just nursed your baby, they might still be hungry. It may be that a little more food will get them to calm down.


5. Burping

 Babies eat formula and milk almost exclusively, and their body isn’t developed enough quite yet to process it without gas pockets. You can burp them to dislodge this painful gas in their stomach.

There are several ways you can burp your baby. The most common is to lean their torso against your shoulder and pat their back lightly. You can use the same light back patting with them laying on your lap.


These five tips will soothe your babies and take care of the most common things that are making them upset. If you need more help, we’re here to support you at any Family Pharmacy location with whatever questions you have.

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