Essential Oils vs. Candles

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People have been making candles from wax and animal fat for thousands of years. Burning a candle is one of the oldest known ways to both light up a room and freshen the air within.


But the candles you have in your home today are not all-natural and eco-friendly like they used to be. Recently essential oil diffusers have become a healthy, organic way to refresh your home. Here are the differences between essential oils and candles.


The packaging around candles is decorated with sweeping beaches, glistening fruit and vibrant flowers. But in reality, what you’re burning is a chemical compound that has been synthesized in a factory. In many cases even the  FDA doesn’t know what’s in these candles because the recipe is protected as a trade secret.


It’s fair to assume that the air you breathe from a burning candle could contain carcinogens that damage your health over time and contribute to the development of cancer. If your candle doesn’t specifically list what’s inside, it’s because the manufacturer doesn’t want you to know. Even candles that say things like “natural scents” use ingredients made in a lab to mimic the smell of whatever is on the label.


With essential oils, by contrast, it’s possible to separate the “essentials” of a plant or herb from the rest of the bark, leaves, petals or roots. This natural ingredient is then transformed into a flammable substance which, when diffused, only releases the fumes of the essential oil, instead of harmful, unknown chemicals.


These essential oils are known to have medicinal properties, ranging from relaxation to improved focus to helping you breathe more easily. While the oils can also be applied to your skin in other forms, when they are diffused they can fill your home with their restorative powers.


The debate between essential oils and candles is a debate between natural, well-documented plants and synthetic, unknown ingredients made in a lab. It’s important to keep this in mind when you decide which of the two to put in your home.


Come on in to your local Family Pharmacy to find and learn more about the health benefits of essential oils.

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