6 Non-Cliche Mother’s Day Gifts

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6 Non-Cliché Mother’s Day Gifts


Last year it was a pair of earrings, and the year before it was flowers. Of course Mom was happy to get something from you on Mother’s Day, but this year you want to turn “happy” into “ecstatic”.


You’ve got to get her something you know she wants, but isn’t expecting. Use these six ideas to find the right gift that will get you on the good list for months.


Portable Bluetooth speaker

Every mom has her tunes, but might not know how to listen to them outside of the car radio. With a high quality Bluetooth speaker and a free subscription to a streaming service, she can take her music with her all around the house.


Handwritten card

Sentimentality can be the right way to go, as long as it clearly comes straight from your heart. Buy plain stationery or make your own card to tell your mom how you feel. The more unique you make it, the more special you’ll make her feel.


Monthly box subscription

A million types of these exist: you can have anything from books, dog toys, and meal ingredients to snacks, clothes and beauty products sent straight to your door every month through an online subscription. Your mom can have a new box of excitement to look forward to for months on end.


Secret candy stash

If there’s candy laying around the house, the kids (or the husband) will eat it up before long. Give mom a box of her favorite candy and treats that only she can eat. She might try to refuse it, but deep down she’ll love you for knowing what she likes.


Slippers filled with spa things, like nail polish, bubble bath, lotions, etc.

Give mom all the tools she needs to have a spa day at home, and then take the kids and leave her alone for the day. Mother’s Day is her day, and that means the kids shouldn’t be her responsibility. Let her relax for the day, because quiet rest time is often the best gift.


A trip out of town

Get the kids a babysitter and head out of town with her for a night or a weekend, and do something the two of you used to do before life got so busy. Whether you’re a husband or a child, reviving old traditions is a great way to bring back fond memories.



These ideas should kickstart your mind in the right direction. You know her better than anyone else, so just think about what makes her happiest. You can find more inspiration and gifts at your local Family pharmacy.

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