Why You should rent home Medical Supplies

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If you or a loved one need medical care from home due to sudden illness, injury, or old age, Family Pharmacy believes renting home medical supplies may be the answer. While we give you the option to buy or rent supplies, read on to find why you may want to stick to renting for now.

Renting Is Realistic

Medical supplies are costly, regardless if you are renting or buying. That being said, you should consider your current financial situation extensively. While buying allows you to own your equipment, it requires hefty upfront costs. Renting allows you to split the total cost into a monthly amount that fits your wallet comfortably.

Renting Includes Repairs


More often than not, your home medical supplies rental contract will include maintenance and repairs. If you were to buy, any form of service will likely be on top of the original cost. You should deeply consider if you will be able to repair your own equipment or if it will be possible to cover repair fees. Renting provides a great amount of freedom and security.


Consider Resale Value


Much like a car or home, the minute you take ownership over home medical supplies, the value goes down immensely. Hopefully, you or your loved one won’t be sick forever, so you should consider what you’ll do with the supplies once it’s not needed anymore. With how frequently medical equipment is upgraded, you may find it difficult to sell your outdated supplies.


Rental Equipment Is Portable


You’ll find that home medical equipment comes in a variety of sizes. From portable oxygen tanks to massive hospital beds, it is important to consider how frequently you will have to move your equipment. If you were to buy supplies, you would likely be required to cover your own transportation costs. However, if you were to rent your equipment, you will typically enjoy pick-up and delivery services around the country.


Regardless where life takes you, it’s important to know that you can find home medical equipment in its many forms. Family Pharmacy provides medical supplies to buy, as well as rent if that better suits your lifestyle. Give us a call or stop by your local store for more information.


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