Family Pharmacy and It's Legacy

Family Pharmacy started exactly how our name suggests; as a Family Business. In 1977, the Morris Family had a vision to bring high-quality pharmacy care to small and rural communities. While big pharmacies weren’t willing to invest in small towns, Family Pharmacy was. Bringing the highest pharmaceutical care to these areas meant that patients could get medication faster, and they got personal advice on how to get the best results. This concept put Family Pharmacy on the map, and helped us grow to nearly 30 stores.

In 2018, Family Pharmacy’s legacy was expanded. As ownership was transferred to the also family-owned Smith Management Services, our resources and technologies have been expanded to not only continue our mission, but to make it bigger. Today, our commitment is the same as it has always been; to deliver the highest quality care and the best possible outcome to every community we serve, just as if you were our Family.

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We believe in small towns and local business. That’s why we have 26 locations across Southwest Missouri.

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