Shingrix and Shingles

  You wake up hoping for a typical morning, only to discover a painful rash on the left side of your face and down your side. You’re covered in blisters so painful that it hurts to even wear [...]

Health Benefits of Yoga

You may think yoga is only for those hippy Millennials who just moved in next door, but yoga is for everyone and anyone. Forget your age, body type, and previous experience. You will benefit from [...]

Game Night Recipes

Football Season Recipes It’s your favorite time of year; small town high school stadiums are packed and living rooms around the country are full of loyal fans. It’s football season in [...]

Men’s Health Month

   Men face many unique challenges in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and Men’s Health Month is the perfect opportunity to heighten their awareness. To celebrate this special month of activity, [...]

The Best Smoothie Recipes

  There’s nothing as refreshing, healthy and all-natural to make for yourself than a smoothie. Packed full of fruits and vegetables, smoothies are a fun and tasty way to get your essential [...]

The Benefits of Meditation

  If you think meditation is just for monks and yogis, you’re missing out on a simple method you could use to improve your life within the next 20 minutes. Meditation takes many forms and is [...]

Eek! Lice at School!

Before you panic, know that head lice are relatively common and easy to treat. And it doesn’t mean your child has bad hygiene–good or bad hygiene has nothing to do with who gets head lice.   [...]

5 Keys to Staying Hydrated

5 Keys to Staying Hydrated The average high temperature in Springfield in July is 89 degrees1. Already in June, we’ve been hitting temperatures in the 90s, and it shows no signs of cooling off [...]

Treating Poison Ivy

      Living in the Ozarks means you’re constantly surrounded by plants and shrubs. Identifying poison ivy can be difficult, but the rash that it can leave you with is [...]

National Nurses Week

    National Nurses Week   On the day you were born, a nurse was there to clean you up and wrap you in a blanket. A nurse took your temperature when you got an ear infection in 3rd [...]

Mandy’s Story

Mandy’s Story Up until November 2015 I thought I was perfectly healthy. I woke up every day feeling great. I went to tan after work one evening, and while trying to get my chest [...]

The Value of Generic

  We all strive to be unique, expressing our individuality wherever we can and carving out our place in the world. The last thing we want is for someone to call us “generic”.   But when [...]

5 Heart Health Tips

5 Heart Health Tips February is American Heart Month, and to celebrate we’ve made a list of pointers to help you keep up your cardiovascular health. If you spend a little more time each day [...]