Cooking Christmas Dinner For Your Vegetarian

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They walk among us, hidden in plain sight. They dress just like us, they watch the same TV shows, they go to school with your children. And there’s one sitting at your table on Christmas day. They’re vegetarians.

Luckily, vegetarians are easily handled if you know what kind of food keeps them satisfied. Here are a few Christmas dish ideas to keep your veggie-friendly holiday guests happy.


  1. Funeral Potatoes

Despite the ominous name, funeral potatoes are a celebration of how good food can taste while you’re alive. A simple dish that’s easy to make your own, you’ll have a hard time keeping your carnivorous guests from hogging it all. Try this recipe from Delish.

  1. Wild Mushroom Gravy

Gravy made with the drippings from the Christmas meat can be one of the tastiest things on the dinner table. But alongside that you can make a mushroom-based gravy that’s just as tasty without any of the meat ingredients. A good helping of mashed potatoes with this gravy from Oh My Veggies will see no complaints from your vegetarian.

  1. Vegetarian Stuffing

Almost any stuffing can be made vegetarian by just taking out the meat ingredients, but we like this one from the Pioneer Woman. Just substitute vegetable or mushroom stock for the chicken broth and you’ve got a from-scratch stuffing dish that will leave your vegetarian stuffed, guaranteed.

  1. Eggplant Gratin

This main course is a mouthwatering addition to any Christmas table, vegetarian or not. Saffron, tomato sauce and eggplant combine to give the dish beautiful colors, and you’re sure to have more than enough for even a family of vegetarians. Check out this recipe from The Veggie Table.


If all else fails, just ask the vegetarian what their favorite courses are. Chances are they’ll spark an idea for a great new dish.

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