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As we age, important chemicals in our bodies have a harder time staying on top of things. Your joints ache, your vision goes, and it’s more important than ever to eat a diet full of healthy vitamins and minerals.

One of these minerals is calcium. You probably grew up believing that you should always drink milk because the calcium it contains would make your bones stronger. While that’s true, it turns out that your body has a harder time processing calcium as you age. The reduction of calcium-binding proteins is one of the biggest indicators of memory loss and an aging brain.


How can I slow down aging from calcium imbalances?


Prevagen capsules can be an important part of your daily health routine. The main ingredient in Prevagen is a molecule, called apoeaequorin, which steps in for your body’s lack of calcium-binding proteins. This compound was originally discovered in jellyfish but is now synthesized in a lab, so no jellyfish are harmed in its production.

The effect of this daily supplement is to regulate the amount of calcium in your brain and the rest of the central nervous system in the same way that your body did when you were younger. Symptoms of aging such as memory loss and cognitive functioning can be combatted instead of getting worse over time.


How often do I take Prevagen capsules?


The environment within your body changes from day to day according to what you eat, how much sleep you get and your level of physical activity. That’s why it’s important to take Prevagen daily and consistently. The key to fighting the aging process is to maintain a healthy calcium level at all times, and so taking capsules daily is the only way for Prevagen to truly be effective.

You aren’t getting any younger, so the time to start taking Prevagen is now. Stop in at your local Family Pharmacy to pick up your bottle today.

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