How To Decorate Your Home For the Fall Season

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There’s something about cooler temps, dreary skies, and falling leaves that calls for an extreme makeover, home edition, each fall. Whether hosting the neighborhood’s most extravagant fall festival or welcoming family home from coast to coast, decorating your home for fall is an exciting time. Welcome fall this year with a few tricks and treats on this season’s décor.

  • Bring The Outside, In

    All seasons are special, but fall brings the warmth of nature into your home in a distinct way. Don’t be afraid to save money by creating fall wreathes and bouquets from mother nature herself. With mums and pumpkins available at nearly all supermarkets, be bold and add color to your space. Finally, fill your home with the scent of fall through candles, herbs, and spices.

  • Take The Inside, Out

    Your home is more than what’s inside, in fact, decorating your front porch, steps, or yard creates superb curb appeal. Welcome guests into your home with a naturally rustic touch through firewood, seasonal seating, and hay. If you’re more the modern type, try painting fake pumpkins white or leading guests to your door by lining light mums in silver or white urns along the path.

  • Amp Up The Lighting

    With fall comes darkness, but that doesn’t mean your home has to notice. Add candles and warm-bulb lamps throughout your home for the ultimate cozy touch. Also, don’t feel forced into decorating with all orange or brown hues. Try meshing your usual color scheme with fall décor by painting your pumpkins, gourds, and pinecones a light blue if that matches your current décor.

  • Don’t Fear Texture

    You don’t have to stick with mainstream fall decorations, in fact, simply adding color and texture is enough. Try investing in thick curtains and rugs, perhaps in plaid, to make your home more cozy and resistant to the cold trying to find its way in. Using fabrics creatively is more than enough to create a homey fall retreat if you are working on a tight budget.

With a little creativity and dedication, decorating your home for fall is bound to be a hit. Forget the dog days of summer and prepare to make all your fall dreams come true, but most importantly enjoy your time with the ones you love in the place you call home this fall season.

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