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Football Season Recipes

It’s your favorite time of year; small town high school stadiums are packed and living rooms around the country are full of loyal fans. It’s football season in America and regardless of where you are, a football party isn’t a party without food. Below are some tips on which recipes to include to make your party the hottest on the block.

  • Dips

    Your team took the lead, wait, now it’s even and heading into overtime. You’re stressed. Everyone is stressed. Dips are always the answer. No matter the situation, a dip will never fail you or your guests. Queso and guacamole are traditional dips that are easy to make and likeable all around. Throw in some jalapeños or cayenne pepper if you want to spice things up and beginning to end, you’ll have a snack for all guests.

  • Finger foods

    A football party isn’t a party without a quick, grab-and-go food for all. Finger foods are the staple to all parties and luckily are typically easy to make. Pork sliders, pigs-in-a-blanket, and bacon wrapped water chestnuts are great options, especially when spicy BBQ sauce is provided on the sidelines.

  • Desserts

    There’s nothing better to celebrate a win or mourn a loss with than sweets. Cocoa crispy rice treats, especially when shaped like a football, make for the ultimate football party treat. If a classier look is what you’re going for, the crowd will go wild for strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. Just don’t forget to decorate them like footballs with white chocolate using an icing dispenser.

Football is one of America’s greatest pastimes. There are few greater opportunities to gather people together for quality entertainment, competition, and food. Have fun with it and throw the biggest party with those you care most about!

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