Have A Healthy Thanksgiving

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There’s nothing like Thanksgiving dinner—all the dishes and desserts you could ask for and a couch waiting for you after you stuff yourself. But when you wake up from that nap, all of a sudden you’re five pounds heavier.

It’s possible to have your pumpkin pie and eat it, too. All you have to do is make some minor substitutions in this year’s menu to make sure your Thanksgiving won’t leave you groaning at the scale.


  1. Eat green beans instead of green bean casserole.

Green bean casserole and many other casseroles are full of ingredients like cheese, fried foods and cured meats. Even if the main ingredient is green beans, all the other stuff in there is packed full of cholesterol and fat.

Opt for green beans on their own instead. You can get away with adding a little butter for flavor, because you’ll mostly be getting the benefits of Vitamin C and healthy minerals.

  1. Substitute Greek yogurt for heavy cream.

You could add heavy whipping cream and other dairy products to plenty of Thanksgiving dishes to improve their flavor. Swap it out for Greek yogurt instead and you’ll get huge amounts of protein with a fraction of the fat. Plus, yogurt-based dips are perfect for vegetable trays or as a dipping sauce for turkey and breads.

  1. Eat wheat rolls instead of white rolls.

White rolls are often the go-to bread item on the Thanksgiving menu. On its own, white bread isn’t so bad—it’s just that wheat bread is so much more nutritious. Go for wheat rolls in order to get the most out of the grains in the bread, like protein and fiber. If you dip your rolls in gravy, you won’t even notice the difference in taste anyway.

  1. Replace butter with chicken broth in stuffing.

Stuffing is one of the more appropriately named Thanksgiving dishes, because it’s so easy to stuff yourself full of it. So when you find yourself on your third plateful, you’ll be glad you used chicken broth to moisten the stuffing instead of butter. You’ll end up with the same amount of flavor and richness, but without so much of the fat and cholesterol in butter.


These four tips are easy tweaks that can help keep you healthy and fit this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving!

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