Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

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healthy eating during pregnancy


Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

Every rule that you’re told about eating healthy applies double during pregnancy. Your baby needs certain vitamins and nutrients in order to grow as healthy as possible, so we’ve made a diet guide to help you eat right.


Hit the Fruits and Veggies


Never is it more important to eat fruits and vegetables than during pregnancy. They are packed full of nutrients like potassium, fiber and vitamin C, and you can easily get full on them without over-eating.

For example, half of a ripe avocado contains only 161 calories, while providing the fullness of around 25% of your daily value in healthy fats, fiber and Vitamin C.


Avoid Salty Foods


Not only are the preservatives in salty foods dangerous to infants and unborn babies, but salty foods in general can cause your body to feel even more puffy and bloated than it already does from being pregnant.

An abundance of salt in your diet can make your fingers and legs start to swell due to water retention, which can be painful and uncomfortable.

Avoid especially cured meats like lunch meat, hotdogs, bacon and sausages. Either buy a nitrate-free version of them at the store, or find a healthier snack than potato chips that’s still satisfying.


Limit Caffeine Consumption


200 mg of caffeine per day, or one cup of coffee, is the safe limit for pregnant women.

While there is no consensus on the precise effects of caffeine during pregnancy, it’s safe to say that moderation is best in this case. Too much caffeine in a non-pregnant woman’s diet raises blood pressure and heart rate, and can disrupt sleep rhythms. To avoid passing on too much caffeine to your child, learn which foods contain caffeine you may not be aware of.


Take Prenatal Vitamins


Benefits for your baby: Prenatal vitamins contain healthy doses of folic acid and iron. Folic acid prevents certain developmental syndromes involving the brain and spinal cord, while iron helps fight anemia, which is a lack of healthy red blood cells.

Benefits for you: Many women swear by some great side effects of prenatal vitamins. Since folic acid helps cell growth, division and repair in all cells, you may find that your hair, nails and skin feel richer, stronger and healthier while taking folic acid supplements.


You can find prenatal vitamins and more at your nearest Family Pharmacy location. We are always here to help women through every stage of their pregnancy and beyond.

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