How to Treat Constipation in Your Child

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how to treat constipation in your child

How to Treat Constipation in Your Child

Every kid has a bout of constipation during childhood, so it’s rarely something to worry about. It can be caused by hundreds of things, from fatty, sugary diets to medication side effects, or even the simple fear that going to the bathroom will hurt.

Your home treatment should vary depending on if this is a one-time blockage or a chronic problem.


One-Time Constipation

Sometimes your child’s digestive system just doesn’t get the job done, and they may go without a bowel movement for several days. Fiber and fluids aren’t enough at that point; you need a fast-acting stool softener to give you child quick, easy relief.

Family Pharmacy carries stool softeners in pill form that will provide relief within hours, as well as powdered laxatives that soften stool over the course of a day or two. Give these to your child until their discomfort disappears, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly they return to their smiling, happy selves again.


Chronic Constipation

It’s not uncommon for kids to struggle with constipation for years, even stretching into adulthood. But even the worst cases of constipation can be cured by a healthy, gut-friendly diet.

Foods high in fiber, like most beans, nuts, fruits and vegetables, make going to the bathroom easier and more regular. Foods high in probiotics like yogurt keep the ecosystem in the intestines healthy. And drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day makes all of the digestive processes run more smoothly.


With these tools, you’ll overcome constipation whenever it strikes, as well as keep it from returning in the future.

Visit any Family Pharmacy location to find the supplies you’ll need to keep your child happy and comfortable every day.

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