Is My Child Too Sick For School?

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Is My Child Too Sick For School?


We’ve all seen it: that sudden shift from your bright, smiling son or daughter to a groggy, grimacing mess that wants to lay on the couch all day.

Before you spend the day nursing them back to health, read through these guidelines to decide when your child might be too sick to go to school.


1. They’re too contagious.

The two biggest infections that run rampant in schools besides the common cold are strep throat and pink eye, AKA conjunctivitis. They’re the infections that you wish other parents would keep their kids home for, because they’re highly contagious.

For strep throat, you should be on the lookout for a sore throat with white splotches near the back of the mouth, and swollen lymph glands under the jaw.

For pink eye, watch for yellow or green goop that is discharged from your child’s eyes. Clear goop suggests an allergy, but colored goop with red, sore eyes is the best sign of pink eye, and a sign your child will be staying home.


2. They’re too miserable to act like themselves.

Your child might be putting on a brave face and trying to act normal even though they don’t feel great.  If they’re able to do most of their normal routine and are alert and active, they’re probably well enough to go to school.

But if they seem distant, can’t focus, and don’t want to play or eat, that’s a sign they won’t be able to focus at school. Think about them sitting in their seat and trying to pay attention to the teacher. If that seems impossible, they’d be better off at home.


You know your own bundle of love better than anybody in the world, so the decision is ultimately up to you. Your first hope should be for them to power through the day, but everyone needs a day off if they’re contagious, or if they feel bad enough that they’d get nothing out of school.

Come in and see us at any location and we’ll do our best to help your little one feel better and get back to school fast.

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