National Nurses Week

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national nurses week


National Nurses Week


On the day you were born, a nurse was there to clean you up and wrap you in a blanket. A nurse took your temperature when you got an ear infection in 3rd grade. And a nurse measured your blood pressure just last week.


But they do so much more than that. They help patients with contagious and dangerous diseases, knowing they’re at risk. They calm and restrain violent patients, and comfort those who are scared and confused.


They give all of themselves to their work, knowing that at any time their patients could pass away.


They are parents to the parentless, and friends to the friendless.


They help everyone who walks through the door, no matter what treatment they need.


This week is National Nurses Week, and we at Family Pharmacy want to thank nurses for everything they do. They make our world safer in the moments we need to feel safe the most. The next time you see a nurse, thank them for what they do.

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