How To Plan The Perfect Fall Weekend Outing

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Cooling temperatures, autumn activities, and stunning foliage make fall an amazing time to be outside. If you’ve spent summer dreaming of your perfect fall, read on for tips on planning the perfect fall weekend outing.

  • When Do I Go?

    If chasing the fall colors is your goal, there are many seasonal maps that will help you find the perfect time. Leaves change for a number of reasons, primarily due to dropping temperatures and shorter day-length, so be prepared for a short window of prime fall foliage viewing. Timing is everything, especially the further north your destination is, as the transition to winter is shorter.

  • Where Should I Go?

    From rolling hills and mountains to rainforests and beaches, you have much to choose from in our great nation. That being said, try not to spend your entire weekend traveling. It’s recommended to travel by car to soak in as much of the sites, so while Colorado is beautiful this time of year, so is a charming community in the Ozarks. Regardless, prepare ahead of time and look for a destination that may be hosting a festival during your visit or perhaps has the cheapest lodging. Compare your destination to a list of must-haves, keeping in mind that fall is a beautiful season wherever you are.

  • What Can I Do?

    You’ll want to try to fit everything into one weekend, but remember to relax during your fall weekend retreat. Depending on your destination, there may be several activities to participate in. If staying in a big city or even small town, soak up the local culture. Attend a festival and support local restaurants. Don’t be afraid to explore to find the most stunning fall foliage. Take a hike or even better; spend your weekend camping for the ultimate fall experience.

  • What Should I Bring?

    While this year summer has held on as long as possible, remember with fall comes big temperature swings. You should always be prepared for the worst in fall, whether that be rain, snow, or extreme heat. If flying, try not to surpass any packing weight limits and remember, it’s just a weekend trip. Don’t forget a local map of your destination and your favorite book – remember, this weekend is about relaxing too!

The perfect fall weekend looks different for everyone, but there is no better time to explore your county or the opposite side of the nation. Fall truly is one of the most wonderful times of the year, so get out and enjoy it with the perfect fall weekend outing.

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