Step 1:
Make a shopping trip with the kids, get together with your coworkers, or get your church involved! Rather than an actual “shoebox” – please fill a care package box that can be picked up at any Family Pharmacy location (find the location nearest you by visiting www.thefamilyrx.com or call 417-581-4335, dial 0 and ask for the location nearest you).

Fill the box with an assortment of items listed below…

Healthcare: Body lotion, Toothbrush, Tooth paste, Contact-Lens Saline Solution, Band-Aids, Surgical tape, Gauze, Tylenol, Tums, Allergy/cold medicine, Gold Bond foot powder, Lotriman Ultra, baby wipes, sun block,
Chapstick, Deodorant, Razors, Eye-Drops, Ben Gay, Icy Hot, Q-tips (Also consider putting together a supply box for a female soldier) NO GLASS OR AEROSOL PER REGULATIONS

Snacks: Beef jerky, Dried-fruit, Pop-Tarts, Hard Candy, Mixed Nuts, Granola Bars, Fruit Roll-ups, Ramen noodles, Tuna in a pouch, Gum, Mints, Powdered Drink Mixes, Nonperishable food items. NO GLASS, HOMEMADE ITEMS OR PORK PRODUCTS PER CUSTOMS REGULATIONS

Morale and Supply: AA and AAA batteries, Board Games, Word-Search Books, Sudoku Puzzles, Google Play or Apple iTunes gift cards, Pens and Pencils, Handheld Games, Duct tape, Electrical tape, Super glue, Flip-flops, Army-green socks, Hats, Gloves and Blankets

Include a “Thank You” card in the box. A personal letter or simple thank you
card is a great way to let our troops know we are thinking about them and appreciate their service.

Monetary donations can also be made and will be used to purchase care items for our men and women serving overseas during the holiday season. Checks can be made payable to “Shoeboxes for Soldiers” and dropped off at Family
Pharmacy or for greater convenience, visit www.shoeboxes4soldiers.com to make a safe, secure donation via PayPal. All money received will be used to purchase items to put assemble additional care packages.

Step 2:
Deliver the “fully loaded,” box to any Family Pharmacy location. Our team of volunteers will sort, organize and seal your box before sending it on to deserving servicemen and women. To meet shipping deadlines for Christmas, make sure completed boxes are delivered to any Family Pharmacy location by Wednesday, December 5th. Leave your boxes and/or monetary donations at Family Pharmacy, and know that you’re putting a smile on the face of a soldier this Christmas. Imagine what a surprise it will be to receive a package from home, loaded with gifts and supplies, from neighbors and friends who
just want to show how much we appreciate their service.

For more information or questions, please contact “Shoebox for Soldiers” coordinator Brian Bingham at brian@thefamilyrx.com.

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