Do I Still Need a Bedtime Routine as an Adult?

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If you think an appropriate bedtime is just for the ones you’re tucking in, you’re missing a huge opportunity to improve your quality of life. Maintaining a bedtime routine, especially as an adult, is crucial. This looks different for everyone, but there are several ways you can fine tune your internal clock.

  1. Be consistent

Life gets busy, we get it, but choosing a bedtime and wake-up time is the first step to establishing your bedtime routine. The average adult needs between seven and nine hours of sleep. You tell your body exactly when it is time to crawl under the covers and begin your day when you maintain this schedule. And yes, this even includes weekends.

  1. Look forward to bedtime

It’s easy to forget the comfort of your own bed with so many responsibilities on your plate. You can get excited for bedtime in several ways. First, find your favorite pair of pajamas and settle in for the night. Next, your body naturally cools when it’s ready for sleep. Speed up this process by lowering your thermostat in the evening. Lastly, take a book to bed or listen to your favorite relaxing playlist with music between 60 and 80 beats per minute.

  1. Forget the alarm clock

Your body naturally wakes up after a full night’s sleep. We all know the temptation of snagging a few extra minutes with the snooze button, but that time is not quality sleep. Set your alarm for when you know you must get out of bed in order to stop snoozing. Your body will catch on to the rhythm of the morning as you wean yourself off of the alarm clock.

Maintaining a bedtime routine as an adult is crucial to your well-being. This routine will increase your alertness and daytime productivity. In addition, maintaining your bedtime routine typically removes the need for time-consuming daytime naps. You can find out more benefits of and tips to maintaining a bedtime routine from the friendly staff at your local Family Pharmacy.

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