The Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

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If this is the first time you’re hearing about apple cider vinegar, it’s your lucky day. This remedy has been around for years but has only recently become popular in American pantries.

Apple cider vinegar offers multiple benefits that can make you healthier over time and help you fight off infections in the short term. These are only a few of the features of this amazing elixir.


  1. It may lower your blood sugar.

ACV has been shown to affect how your body responds to the sugar in your diet. If you have diabetes or a medical condition in which you need to keep your blood sugar down, ACV can tone down your body’s sensitivity to changes in blood sugar and insulin and make your condition easier to manage.


  1. It may lower your cholesterol.

Several studies in rats have shown that the acetic acid in vinegar can help maintain good cholesterol and get rid of bad cholesterol from your blood. Maintaining your cholesterol can put you at a lower risk of heart disease, the number one cause of death in the world.


  1. It may get rid of bad breath.

Sure, there’s always mouthwash, but mouthwash doesn’t give you any of the other health benefits that ACV does. Vinegar has natural antibacterial properties that kill off the bacteria in your mouth that cause bad breath.


  1. It may help you lose weight (a little).

Vinegar will mix with and neutralize certain enzymes in your stomach that are responsible for turning carbs from breads and pasta into unwanted fat. This means a smaller percentage of the carbs you eat will end up being stubborn weight you want to lose. The effect isn’t as major as diet or exercise though, so don’t think of ACV as a magical weight loss solution.


  1. It may help your body absorb nutrients.

If your body is running low on certain types of acids that aid in digestion, your body doesn’t have the chemicals it needs to break down food and turn it into as many vitamins and minerals as possible. ACV is acidic, so it will contribute to a healthy digestive system that wrings out all the good parts of your food while it’s in your stomach.


Apple cider vinegar is still being studied for its health benefits because it seems to benefit so many people. Come visit your local Family Pharmacy and see what apple cider vinegar can do for you.

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