The Benefits of Meditation

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If you think meditation is just for monks and yogis, you’re missing out on a simple method you

could use to improve your life within the next 20 minutes.

Meditation takes many forms and is practiced by people from all walks of life, but they all have

one thing in common: they’re seeking relaxation, health, and clarity just like you. Taking just 20

minutes a day to close your eyes and really focus could improve your life in the following ways.


1. Reduced stress.

Stress in our lives comes from one main thing: we feel like we can’t handle all the

responsibilities on our plate or all of the thoughts in our head. Everything is moving too fast and

we are struggling to keep up with life.

Meditation helps fight off the feeling that we’re falling behind. It accomplishes this both by

making the cares of your day seem further away and insignificant, as well as slowing down your

thoughts so you can handle them one by one.


2. Lower blood pressure.

Regular meditation has been shown to reduce your blood pressure because of its ability to

reduce stress. This is especially positive if you already suffer from hypertension or high


High blood pressure forces your heart to work harder and weakens the walls of your arteries,

increasing your chances of heart-related events and diseases in the future. A few minutes a day

spent working on your heart will pay dividends twenty years from now.


3. A clearer perspective.

Know that obligation that’s been hanging over your head all day? It’s not going away until you

get it done, but if you take twenty minutes and refocus all your energies towards solving that

problem, you might come away with a solution you hadn’t seen before.

Alternatively, meditation provides you with a much-needed short break from worrying about your

obligations, so you have the energy to continue with your day uninterrupted.


4. Reduced pain and disease symptoms.

Lower stress and blood pressure means your heart and body are in much better shape to help

you through your day as smoothly as possible. Your joints have a chance to rest and so does

your brain.


Getting rid of stress makes you happier, and that state of happiness is also linked to better

outcomes for people with chronic illnesses and pain.

Meditation is the cheapest, easiest and quickest way to see real benefits in your life—and all it

takes is a few minutes out of your day. You can find out more benefits of meditation from the

friendly staff at your local Family Pharmacy.

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