The Best Diets To Try In 2017

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This is it. This is the year you’re finally gonna do it. You’ll lose weight, make healthy choices and feel better about your body.

If this mantra seems familiar to you, you might be tired of trying diet after diet without any results. But the secret to success is finding a diet that works for your unique nutritional needs. That’s why we’ve compiled the best four diets that are worth trying to make your 2017 healthier.


  1. DASH

DASH stands for “dietary approaches to stop hypertension”—hypertension is a medical term for blood pressure that is too high. The diet focuses on reducing blood pressure by avoiding sodium and focusing on fruits, vegetables and healthy carbs. The theory is that a diet which lowers blood pressure is also healthy and may lead to weight loss.

US News & World Report has ranked the DASH diet the #1 diet for seven years in a row. It’s simple to follow and doesn’t involve too much counting or scale-watching. Just keep your sodium intake low and find healthy foods you like to eat.


  1. Flexitarian

Everyone seems to be some kind of “-tarian” these days, but this diet approach isn’t quite so strict. Like the name implies, this diet is flexible: you should limit your meat intake, but if you’re really craving a strip of bacon it’s not the end of the world (but just one!).

Low calorie, nutrient rich fruits and vegetables and healthy carbs and proteins like rice and beans take the place of meat in this diet. You can tell your friends you’re a vegetarian when your waistline starts to shrink. They don’t need to know about the occasional chicken tender.


  1. Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a classic diet that’s been around and advertised on TV for decades. You may have even tried it in your life. But if it didn’t work for you before, you should look into it again.

In 2015 Weight Watchers announced their new “Beyond the Scale” program. The diet retains its points-based approach—every food and activity has a value—but newly focuses on your life and habits as a whole. Healthy living can’t be measured by numbers on a scale. This diet improves your life from the ground up, replacing old habits with healthier ones.


  1. Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is what it sounds like: you’ll be eating foods common to people who live around the Mediterranean Sea, like Greeks and Italians. Mediterranean food is rich in fatty foods, oils and fish, so it might surprise you to learn that such a flavorful, rich diet is actually friendly to your heart and waistline.

You don’t have to worry about entire food groups being off the table, and wine is okay too in moderation. You can enjoy the health benefits that Mediterranean folks enjoy: reduced cancer and heart disease rates, and a longer life to boot.


The right diet for you is waiting to be discovered. All you’ve got to do is try them until you find one that works. If you have more questions about living a healthier lifestyle, give us a visit at your local Family Pharmacy.

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