The Best Snacks for Weight Loss

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It’s that time of day again: even though it seems like you just ate, you’re hungry already and

thinking about snacks. There’s no way you can focus on work or get your chores done until that

pit of hunger in your stomach goes away.


But you’ve been trying to lose weight, and all this snacking isn’t helping. That’s why we’ve put

together a list of healthy snacks that you can always depend on when those inconvenient

cravings kick in at the worst time.


1. Hummus

Hummus is a great alternative dip to the much fattier queso and ranch dressings of the world.

Adding a tangy zip to every bite, you can have hummus with a huge variety of snack foods, like

crackers, chips, carrots, celery, and any other healthy bites you can think of. But as with

everything, the key is moderation.


2. Turkey jerky

Turkey jerky is one of the best ways to meet your daily protein quota without simultaneously

blowing the roof off your calorie and fat counts. One ounce of jerky contains 13 grams of protein

to only one gram of fat. That means you can have the satisfaction of eating meat without the

regret of a bloated stomach.


3. Pistachios

Some dieticians believe that nuts are too fatty to be considered a dieting food, but it depends on

what kind of nuts you eat. Pistachios are full of healthy fats that are essential to a healthy diet,

and they contain fiber that will help you feel full quickly and maintain that feeling of fullness.


4. Edamame

Once a rare appetizer at sushi restaurants, now edamame has made its way into mainstream

grocery stores as a healthy snack. Edamame is the Japanese name for boiled soybeans. They

can be prepared virtually anyway you can think of, whether sprinkled with paprika or drizzled in

low-sodium soy sauce. Plus eating each pod slowly and individually helps with portion control.

No one single food will make your weight loss goals come true. It comes down to a healthy diet

overall and making sure you eat smaller portions of the foods that you’re used to.


If you have other questions about healthy diet foods, we will be happy to answer them at your local Family


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