Tips On Eating Healthy Every Day

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You know how it goes… “Today’s the day! I’m going to start eating healthy again.” So often, this is how the day begins, but despite your best intentions, eating healthy is a challenge each and every day. The following are five tips to keep yourself on track:

  • Make food at home

    What better way to ensure you’re eating healthy than turning up the heat in your own kitchen? When you cook your own meals, you’re more aware of what goes into your favorite dish and you’re able to prepare meals ahead of time, saving time and money.

  • Moderation is key

    You’ve heard it before, but self-control seems nearly impossible when your favorite food is within reach. Instead of banning certain foods, limit your portions. One tip to feeling satisfied with smaller portions is to use smaller dishes. The smaller the dish, the larger your brain thinks the portion is.

  • Monitor meal times

    Start your day with a healthy breakfast and continue with small, filling meals. Eating smaller meals throughout the day increases your energy levels dramatically. In addition, schedule your dinner as early as possible, roughly 14 hours before your breakfast the next morning.

  • Make vegetables a treat

    When you’re eating healthy for a long time, the last thing you want is a bland salad. Fix this problem by eating only the best vegetables. Generally, the brighter the vegetable, the more nutrients and flavor. In addition, naturally sweet vegetables, such as sweet potatoes and carrots, combat sugar cravings in the healthiest of ways.

  • Making mistakes is okay

    You have goals. Whether you are hoping to reduce your chance for illness or simply feel better about yourself, eating healthy is a difficult change. Take each day as a new beginning. If you mess up, don’t give up. Start over the next morning or even the next meal.

Eating healthy every day may be the biggest challenge you face, but there is no need to do it alone. Making your diet change a group effort provides both accountability and reward. You can find out more benefits of and tips to eating healthy every day from the friendly staff at your local Family Pharmacy.

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