Tips to Get Your Kids to Take Their Medicine

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Tips to Get your Kids to Take their Medicine


In the history of the world, there has never been a single parent who hasn’t struggled with getting their child to take their medicine. We’ve put together some tips that you can use to make medicine time more pleasant for everyone involved.


Be patient and positive

If your attitude is “You won’t like this, but I’m going to give it to you anyway”, your child’s fear and resistance is only going to grow. Instead, focus on how it will make them feel. Even small children can listen to reason, and it’s easier to trust you when they believe the medicine will help them.


Have your pharmacist disguise the flavor

Your Family Pharmacy pharmacist can make their medicine taste better by injecting it with flavors. No one likes the taste of medicine, but your kid will enjoy the taste of their favorite popsicle or fruit juice. There’s even an online Flavorbot to help you find the best flavors for whatever medicine you need.


Let your child feel in control

It can be scary for your kid to have all these stethoscopes and spoonfuls of medicine shoved in their face. Try to let them feel like they’re in charge of of giving themselves medicine. It can help for them to practice giving medicine to a favorite doll or toy, so they can see what it might be like.


Be upfront about what the medicine is for

If your child has an upset stomach, be upfront about the fact that they’ll only have to take it until their stomach stops hurting. Don’t pretend like it’s candy. They’ll wonder why they can’t have it all the time, and might even seek out the medicine on their own to have more, which can be dangerous.


Use a reward system

Just like with doing chores and homework, you can make it easier by rewarding your children for doing what they don’t want to do. They can earn rows of stickers on the fridge, or a trip to get ice cream if they’re good throughout the week. They’ll be so caught up with the reward that the medicine becomes an afterthought.


These five tips are a good starting point to get your kids to take their medicine. The pharmacists at your local Family Pharmacy can offer more advice too!

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