Ways To Keep Your Child From Getting Sick At School

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As summer turns into fall and your little one settles into their new school year or daycare program, sooner or later their nose will start running and their tummy ache will be too much to handle. Sickness is inevitable at times, but there are many ways to keep your kid from getting sick as long as possible.

  • Boost immunity

    Eating well is key to a strong immune system. Do your best to pack your kid’s meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables. The more color the better. Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and iron-rich foods are crucial to increasing immunity and combating illnesses of all kinds.

  • Wash hands

    Just like your kid can’t learn math on their own, they must be taught how to wash their hands correctly. Using warm water, scrub your hands for twenty seconds. A good tip is to sing Happy Birthday twice before rinsing. In case you don’t have running water nearby, always carry hand sanitizer to limit chances of illness.

  • Avoid cross-examination

    Your kid touches everything and anything throughout the day, so ensure they use utensils during meals to avoid cross-examination. Viruses enter the body through the nose, mouth, and eyes, so keep your child from touching their face. And remember, sharing is caring; that is until it comes to food. Sharing meals is the perfect way to pick up viruses.

  • Proper sneezing

    Practice the elbow sneeze consistently to teach your child early on. Sneezing into your hands is the perfect way to transfer any germs you may be carrying to your hands, and in turn, transfer them to siblings, parents, classmates, and everyone one else.

  • Sleep and exercise

    Sleep and exercise are crucial for health and well-being, regardless of age. Kids should get at least 10 to 12 hours of sleep per night to keep their bodies healthy and rested. During the day, kids should get moving at least once every hour. It’s often said that exercise is better than any medicine.

With a new school year naturally comes proximity to illnesses. Avoid the struggle of watching your typically happy kid turn into a grumpy, ill one by teaching them healthy habits early on. Feel free to stop by your local Family Pharmacy to find more tips on keeping your kid from getting sick.

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