Ways To Save On Your Medical Insurance

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You may not be surprised, but according to CNBC, “No other advanced country even comes close to the United States in annual spending on health care.” The health care industry is vital to each of us, regardless how inconvenient it may seem. Thankfully, there are many practical ways you may be able to save on your medical insurance costs. Keep reading to learn a few tips.



  • Choose The Right Policy



Choosing the right medical insurance policy is difficult. With so many options and the pressure of the safety of you and your loved ones, it doesn’t help that you may have no idea what insurance really even is. You need to find a policy that at least includes your doctors and medications, as well as care for chronic conditions.


Assess all options when looking for the right plan. An insurance broker will have knowledge on different plans, as well as what your employer may be able to offer you. If you start to get overwhelmed, remember your broker is there to guide you.



  • Check For Discounts



You may not even realize it, but often you have access to medical insurance discounts and incentives. Simple things, for example not using tobacco or alcohol, can result in earning discounts. Medical insurance costs can often be lowered upon negotiation as well. Try asking if you can pay with cash or ahead of time in exchange for a discount on your medical insurance policy. It never hurts to ask!



  • Confirm Medical Billing



Even if unintentional, medical billing errors are becoming more common as the government becomes more involved in the healthcare field. Some of the most common errors you may find are duplicate charges, canceled procedure billing, and incorrect patient information.

You should always thoroughly check your medical bills to ensure you are charged for the correct procedures in the correct way. While it may be unintentional, medical billing errors can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. You can never be too careful.



  • Create A Health Savings Account



If you are included in a high-deductible health plan, creating a Health Savings Account may be the perfect solution. Money placed in this account can be used to pay future health insurance deductibles and even cover other expenses, such as dental and vision costs. Typically, you are able to carry over savings when switching jobs, making life changes that much easier. Be sure to ask your employer what they offer and if they don’t carry these accounts, check with your bank.


The bottom line is you should never be afraid to ask questions. Stop by your local Family Pharmacy today and find solutions to maintaining your health, as well as saving on your medical insurance.

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