Why Your Kids Should Be Taking Daily Vitamins

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why your kids should be taking vitamins


We all grew up learning the food pyramid and how many servings of fruits and veggies we ought to be eating, but it’s a rare family that sticks to the guidelines perfectly.

But just because your child’s diet isn’t perfect doesn’t mean that you should settle for deficiencies in their diet. That’s the whole reason vitamin supplements exist: they fill in the nutrient gaps that you weren’t able to fill with food.


Vitamins are especially valuable for picky eaters and kids with food allergies—and what kid doesn’t struggle with their diet at one time or another? If your child is missing out on vitamin C because they hate fruits and vegetables, a vitamin supplement is the perfect way to pick up the slack.

If your family is vegan or vegetarian, you can also use vitamins to supplement the vitamins that you would find in animal or meat products.

In many cases, it might be easier to have your child eat a vitamin than to fight the battle for them to eat something they’re just not ready to eat. That being said, any doctor or pharmacist in the world would tell you that a proper nutrient balance should come from food first, before it comes from vitamins.


While Vitamin D or Vitamin B12 supplements often fill holes in the average kid’s diet, foods with the same vitamin content also contain other healthy nutrients like protein or fiber that make your kid’s muscles and organs function better.

Every Family Pharmacy carries shelves full of vitamins for every kid’s diet. Come on in and we’ll be happy to find something that works for you and your family.

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